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Testimonial Study Services

Nutraceuticals/ dietary supplements

Whether its quality of life your product enhances, cellular regeneration, cholesterol lowering, diminishing discomfort, energy, sexual health, hair health or weight loss we can test it with a testimonial group targeting your demographic.  We have the equipment or laboratory connections to put your product to the test.

Weight loss / Fitness

From Total Gym and Windsor Pilates Silver to Slim-Quick or Wonder Core - our Fitness and Weight loss testimonial client list reads as an A list for the DRTV industry. If its fitness and weight loss testimonials you need then you are in good hands with Infomercial Testimonial Group.  We are FTC/FDA friendly,  Shopping channel friendly and working with legal friendly. 

On Camera Exit Interviews

Yup, we do testimonials for everything from pots and pans to window cleaners to even vacuum cleaners.  If you need bonafide user testimonials for on air honest testimonial comments that truly resonate withy your customer - then give us a call.

 Script Writing.

Long form and short form Production

Home Goods.

Production Services.

For nearly 20 years we have been ghost writing scripts for some of the biggest successes in the DR industry.  Some shows we can mention are the likes of Denise Austin, Bio Trainer, Hip Hip Away, Ab Shuffle.  Everlife.  Ab twister, Joy of Fitness, Boom Board, Ab Crawler, Ab Twister and more.  Call for quote.


And we can test for overall hair health and any potential growth.

Skin Care:

With our in house Visia Technology and facility Dermatologist - its all about the face with complete complexion analysis for your testimonial study.  High resolution matching Before and After testimonial photos. 

We use a 20,000 square foot production stage for both green screen and white cyc testimonial productions. Yes, we can produce and edit your testimonial group footage as well and for less cost.