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Testimonial Facilities

We go way beyond just putting a group together, depending on your product and substantiation needs we have the equipment or connections  to test for many other things including blood and urinary biomarkers to help prove results for cholesterol lowering, detoxification, sugar levels and even cellular regeneration. click on the services tab for more info.

  • Skin testing equipment
  • Fitness Testing
  • Metabolism testing
  • Strength testing
  • Muscle activity testing
  • Range of Motion testing
  • Hair health testing
  • Weight loss testing
  • Quality of life testing
  • Pain testing
  • Blood pressure testing
  • Caloric burn testing

What We Do

Testing Equipment and capabilities

“I have worked with ITG. Their testimonials appear in the current TOTALGYM show. Ed and Alison are great people to work with”.
- Dave Scudder VP American Telecast Products.

 “Plenty of infomercials sell legitimate products. But how can viewers tell them from the scams? Look on screen or at the product’s website for the seal of Infomercial Testimonial Group, which independently tests products and solicits people who aren’t family, friends or actors.” SELF magazine

"Because of ITG's processes, the "From the Lab" team recommends it to marketers who have a product that must be tested or those who want to spice up an already successful campaign with real testimonials." - Response Magazine

Awesome job! Thanks again for all your help with our project Ed.  We really appreciate it!  - Rick Bradley Windsor Pilates LLC Guthy Renker

"Great!! Thanks!!!" - again   -J. Mishan Emson

"Thank you so much again for all your assistance with this. I really am impressed with the service you have provided, and would have absolutely no hesitation in coming to you again for future projects. Look forward to working with you again in the future" -

- Donna Crossland Broadcast & Regulatory Affairs High Street TV (Group) Ltd  UK London England

Testimonial Approvals: 

Our testimonial study research protocols and results have been reviewed and approved by regulatory bodies in the US and abroad.  We have had testimonial group study protocols approved for the UK by ClearCast and we regularly work on testimonial projects with photo comparison, results and or video testimonials being approved by HSN, QVC and others.  This is not an easy task and details are important however with our experience, reputation and process - we make it happen!

We have a 3,000 square foot testimonial testing facility accommodating our skincare, weight loss and other product testing and testimonial group research needs.  In addition, we have a 20,000 square foot production stage for both green screen and white cyc testimonial productions. Yes, we can produce and edit your testimonial group footage as well and for less cost.

Infomercial Testimonials

Backed by Research

Copyright 2013. Infomercial Testimonial Group by DETUAG, inc.. All Rights Reserved. Infomercial Testimonial Group is a registered trademark of Detuag Inc. Testimonials backed by research is trademarked by Infomercial Testimonial Group.

  • We work with more top ten infomercials than anyone else year after year.  Infomercial Testimonial Group is your one-stop-shop testimonial group facility - we do it all.  From FDA/FTC compliant testimonial recruitment to compliant testimonial research studies, matching before and after photos, to compliant on camera testimonial interviews. 
  • Note: Even with todays FTC climate there still are some production companies and casting agencies claiming to have "in house" testimonial group capabilities but are NOT 3rd party non biased research organizations and therefor according to FTC guidelines should not perform or manage these studies.  We work with some of the best Production companies around and are happy to make referrals.
  • Infomercial Testimonial Group has an established advisory team of Professional Experts including University Professors, Medical Doctors, Dermatologist, Chefs, Coaches, Fitness Trainers and other experts in various fields.
  • In addition to our experts, we also have access to the laboratory testing equipment needed to test the effectiveness of just about everything from weight loss products to hair growth, face wrinkles, cholesterol, and even acne products.  
  • We are testimonial group research coordinators and Direct Response Testimonial experts.  Each testimonial group is conducted and reported on as a research study to support claim substantiation.

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